No matter how many times experts remind us to turn off the distractions when we're trying to get things done, most of us enjoy listening to music on the job. A little bit of whistle-while-you-work can boost flagging energy and bolster creativity — but too much of a good thing is a definite no-no. What you need is the right noise for the job: ambient sound for creative focus, rumour noise for tight concentration or more relaxed soundscapes for calm efficiency or relaxation. If you've always suspected you do better and more rewarding work when you cart your laptop down to the local shop, research is on your side. When you're trying to coax creativity out of hiding, moderate levels of ambient noise can provide just enough of a distraction to free the rest of your brain for broader thought.

Browser issues

Moodmixer does not rely on any proprietary technology, but requires a browser that is compatible with the latest HTML5 standard for audio playback. When possible, the better, yet-under-development, Web Audio API is used as well.

Are all browsers equally performing?

No, some browsers are performing (slightly) better than others. In terms of sound quality and timing, Chrome and Safari are the best. They use the Web Audio API. This browser uses JPlayer API in combination with MP3 playback.

Any mobile app available?

No, i'm sorry. However, there is a chance that this site already plays well on your mobile phone or tablet browser: you have to try it out, as it depends on the model and operating system of your device.


My name is Erik van Oosten, founder of Factory 6 - Striking media creators. Factory 6 is a sound studio specialized in creating content for events and audio branding used in advertising, film, trailers, interactive and VR projects.